My Account got hacked

Like the title already is saying it, my account got hacked. At 11:31 i got a mail with following text: Hello username, We’ve received a login or account change request for your Riot Games account. To complete your request, enter the following verification code into the security field: At that time i was at school so i just noticed it like 20min ago. I loged in to my account and after like 30secoonds i got auto loged out with the message, someone else loged in with my account data. I already saw my name got changed. My name before was "Jabberwockγ". I reloged, so the other guy will kicked out. As fast as i can i changed my password. Meanwhile I got kicked 1 or 2 times out of my account. After i changed my password it seems like the person cant login again to harm my account more. I dont know if he did something else but as far as it looks like, he just wasted my blue essence to create this weird name, changed my icon and played one blind pick (but with 3/15/7 i guess his own account is like bronze lol) I dont need my blue essence back, if there are some complications to do that, but i would like to see if the riot team can tell me what i should do now, so i can relax a bit and dont have to check every secound my client if the unknown person is trying to get access again. **Update** I found out he gifted skins to random people in my friendlist with my leftover rp...
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