RP Prices Changed

The RP Prices for UK players have changed they use to be that if you spent £5 you would get 975 RP but this has been reduced massively now down to 750 that 225 RP gone for no reason, what the hell Riot what's with the stealth price fixing against UK players, this was not forewarned or anything just changed with no warning. This is ripping off UK players massively and means were far worse off now if we want to buy RP. Riot like seriously this is just BS to do this with no warning. --- Edit Found out the issue, apparently the system defaulted to USA currency put used the £ symbol instead of the $ to show the amount so unless you literally saw the small message in the bottom left that said US currency. Don't know why it did this but it is rather misleading especially if your in US money but it uses the £ symbol this will most likely catch other people out and may affect over people aswell, should maybe be looked at.
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