keyboard and mouse not working in game

when I spawn in game, my cursor looks fine, I can even go over my spells and it will display the informations as usual, but when I click, nothing happens, the click isn't taken in, same problem with my keyboard, they both wotk fine out of game and even in the client, the problme is only in game.. I have seen a lot of other discussions about this ad tried everythig they were saying: I don't have discord on my PC so it can't be the overlay feature, I booted the game as administrator, but to no results, I went in the config folder and deleted "game.cfg" and "persistedsetting.json" to reset them, I restarted my computer, I uninstalled and deleted every riot file in my computer and reinstaled them... I don't know wat to do anymore, I thought it was my computer but I can do everything else just fine with it,other games work perfectly fine as well.. I am confused..... Please help T-T
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