banned from lol fo 10 euro chargeback

guys i got banned from lol beacause of a 10 eurchargeback i live in tunisia and i left home for 2 days and left my pc on downloading but my little brother managed to find a file on my pc in wich i stored my password so he opened lol acount and when he saw that the arcade riven skin was on sale he contacted a 3rd party dealer on face book who sold him hacked rp and he payed him with MY money so i have to pay riot 10 euros o get my acount back but since i live in tunisia we cant do any mycrotransaction i tryed contacting riot and telling them what happened but they ignored me and said that i have a 15 day window or else my acount is gonna get deleted so pls i need 10 people to send 1 euro each to my paypal acount and my email is i swear im not spamming there are 2 lingks to pictures of my mail and lol acount as proof pls help and thx in advance
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