Riot sensless ban extending. (It could be you next)

Hello dear fellow summoners, I'll write my situation here in details , and i hope it will never happen to any of you! So , last couple of weeks there were multiple contests in facebook group for LoL players , the rewards were RP. I joined each , some require who responds first some are different. One of them was to whoever levels existing accounts given, Other one was about whoever enters a certain given account and adds the event maker wins etc.. Likely related to being fast and awake. Others are simply about answering questions about League of Legends like name a champion who can unlock their ultimate at lv 1 etc... Anyway , afterwards i got my Rp gifted for sure , bought the new themed chests for the snowdown event etc.. However my account already had like triple the amount worthy stuff. It's my first account and i worked hard for it and it wasn't the first time i entered a giveaway from facebook /instagram or even youtube. Two days ago , I tried to log in my account and apparently it was suspended. And riot didn't email me the reason why and kept playing with words. But all riot said was : -Your account has been involved in compromise of other accounts and illegal gains- -So why is my account permanently banned again? Usually those stuff happens and they simply take away the worth of those gains like when someone gifts you something then they chargeback, so you get the items off your acc. -Should i ask everyone who makes a contest or is willing to be nice and gift me something : "Hey , you promise not to bring a ban to my account?" Because none is that rude , it's free RP so why would i ask how they got it or what will they do afterwards. PS: I always get gifted from people i played against or my friends even when this happened i was gifted like 3 times from my Friends. Conclusion : The reason i got permanently banned is under no single term of use. And there were no single actions made on my account to violate the TOS. So since when , Accepting gifts buying items is a violation to the TOS? I wanted to share this with you guys , because yesterday it was me , tomorrow it could be you. Tell me if you see Riot's action fair or unfair and please Up-Vote!
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