Transferring Account...?

So I will be spending at least half a year, maybe longer in the US and I was thinking about transferring my account to the US servers from EUW for the time being. But, there are a few questions I wanted to ask before I do so. 1. Since we can't add friends from different servers do I lose my friends list when I transfer? Since I may be transferring back at some later date it would reeeaaaally suck if I lost everyone on my friends list since it's not that small. And, if I do lose them, do they get added back automatically when I transfer back? Or how does all this work? 2. Do I keep my LP and ranked standings and all the rewards I were to collect at the end of this season if I transfer back and forth? 3. If I buy RP while on the US server does it come with me back to the EUW server when I transfer back? I think those are the most prevalent questions at the moment. If anyone could give me a hand with this it'd be much appreciated. Thanks!
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