Asking for riot update ! Slovenian Telekom - Login issues, client lagg and packet loss in game !

NOTE: All my friends and people with same ISP have those issues !! Hello I'm having login issues, client lagg and packet loss in game. League is truly unplayable for me. I have done tests in WinMTR. When I try to login it says authenticating and after some time I get error or somehow I log in. If I log in profiles don't load, I can't create or accept game lobbies. This client issues are resolved sometimes during day but the biggest problem is if I get into game. I always game HUGE packet loss. Its really unplayable and takes away all fun from the game. This is happening since Thursday I believe. I just ask riot or someone to give me update and not ignore please ! Country: Slovenia ISP: Telekom (Siol) If I need to ping anything else don't hesitate to ask ! [WinMTR results](

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