After quite a while

After quite a while i came back to play leauge,i was moving and im getting married next week,its really frustrating the problems that happen in that process because lots of thing go wrong,but i manage it,somehow. Last week i finaly was able to get internet and play Leauge,im passionate gamer even tho im not that good i really try my best.And having a cheff life you dont really get a lot of time for anything since you have to work 12h per day,i have to go to the gym that takes 2 hours im obsessed with gym,than i need to pay attention to my fiance,because you really love her,and you go out with friends and so.Than i have to pay atention to studies,i study IT,mycrosoft engienering c#. After all that of before all that i have time for 1/2 games sometimes more to play,anyway,i was playing everything went fine,my finger were like spagethis like they are not mine but i managed after few games i felt natural,Suddenly my ping spiked during a game to 1k ms,and i said jesus christ what the hell is that than after 5 min it was constant,but i was still playing i didnt want to get leaver buster,after that 1 min after loss i got dced and i didnt have internet for 3 days,turns out someone has cut two major optical cables of my provider on highway that connected few cities,and it had huge impact on whole region. i just want to say after frustration that i got leaver buster and have to wait and lose those 20 min,20 x 5 its 100 min that i can spend so much better,i didnt give up on 1k you can check your logs. Im asking you this im not giving up on you and your game pls dont give up on me,either give me perma or dont give me afk ban at all. Best regards.
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