This need a fix right now please riot ! Unknown error

Jesus christ riot please.{{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} I love this game, believe me i do. But when i loose 40 lp and almost get banned because of this bug i just cant. This is a recurring bug in my client, (playing on Mac) and everytime i do something, can be checking my profile, launching a game, banning or picking a champion or even just clicking somewhere , half of the time my client freezes{{champion:34}} (stupid anivia), nothing happens during one min and then BOOM{{champion:115}} this message drops"unknown error. an unknown error has occurred" so i miss pick and ban phase in ranked, i miss afk checking and its driving me nuts. I tried to clear my client, reinstall, check for anything. It still does it more and more. I would like help from you dear riot because i still want to play your free awesome game without free lp loss and without these damns bugs{{champion:121}} {{champion:121}} everywhere. I have been playing since season 1 and its the only stupid bug that made me post on this forum. So i beg you to do something so i can keep having a great time without the need for tech support.{{champion:74}} Thank you in advance, MadcozBug
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