Suddenly High Ping..... Before 30ms, Now 300ms and Didn't do anything....

Hey Guys! Normally I have 40-50 ping. Today I decided to play a game. Everything is fine, the game just started. But I had 300 ping....... when i clicked somewhere, it started to go where I clicked, but just after 1 sec.... it is very disturbing. In a game, a guy said to me, he has 300 ping, but he normally has 40-50 like me. Is it a server error ? I got 2 matches, when I'm afking with LeBlanc. (0/0/0) So ....... please fix this! I can't play! I didn't changed anything! btw.: my English is not soo good... but I think it's understandable! :D Thanks in advance! Illumix
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