False AV response?

Just a moment ago I've tried to play League but the moment I've started the client I've got a Win error stating that Patcher(...).ext got an "image errorr" due to file named Normalcuda16.dll not being written for this windowsor something like that. I've checked it out and it seems my AV has put it into quarantine couse it seemed to contain troyan GdSda.A. Same thing when I've started up Legacy client. I've put the file back where it was out of quarantine, thinking its propably false positive (happens). Now I'm simply scanning system couse I see that more dll's were flagged by my AV (Panda). Tho I'm curious why this dll that is important to patcher is sitting in a folder in appdata called "Ofqics"? O_o It contains also a text files, one named like above dll (Normalcuda16) and the other is called "pythonctrlServ8" Is it rly a part of a client? Edit: Quick scannidng didnt seem to find anything (but its not a deep scan after all)

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