DirectX Error - Cannot connect to a match

I'll try again here since the Report A Bug forum didn't yield any results. I've spent hours trying every fix for the "Unkown DirectX Error occured, please make sure your graphics driver is up to date" (paraphrase). The error pops up when I try to load into a match -I've had the game installed on my D and C drive. -I've tried updating, rolling back, disabling and enabling my graphics driver. -I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling DirectX (as much as I could, since you have no separate installer for DX on Win10) -I've tried installing Net3.5 -I've tried disabling my windows firewall and my antivirus. -I've deleted the files in the installation folder that most guides tell me to. -I've tried disabling my graphics driver and start the game with it disabled. That worked, albeit I had 5 fps because onboard graphics are ass. -I've tried disabling the driver, starting a game and putting all the settings to very low, then enabling the driver. This made the game completely black, but I could still hear sound from the game, even the character reacting to my right clicks. -I've tried unplugging my second monitor, didn't do anything. My GPU is an Nvidia 1080 with driver 417.01 Running on Windows 10

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