I keep getting punished for leaving but i cant do anything against it

Hi, I got a bad PC, but i can handle it. except for some gamefreezes and low fps i sometimes get the problem that i join a game, do champ select etc but it takes me like 2-4 min to get into loading screen. and sometimes it says error at connecting please try again and then i need to restart the client (which takes me like 2-3 min again ;-;) and then i can get to the loading screen. the problem with these issues is that the game starts when i am still waiting to get into the loading screen. so most of the times it ends in a remake and i am a "leaver" without ever joining the game. then i get a leaverbuster and this stacked to 20 min last week. so i have almost every game with a like 25 min waittime without being able to do anything against it and riot thinks that i am a bad boy (:D). well at least every 6th game i am able to play with a luxus 5 min waittime please i need help what can i do?
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