The replay for this game is missing and isn't available

Hey everyone, Need some assistance, please. Yesterday I wanted to download a replay of a game. When I attempted to download it states **"The replay for this game is missing and isn't available"** I tried to download other games (the games before and after) and it works! No clue why this specific one is not working. My friends cannot download it either. I tried to download on another PC and no luck. {{sticker:sg-soraka}} Please can you help me, thank you in advance! **Update** According to support, due to a "network hiccup" it messed up the download. Therefore, it is not possible to download this reply :( **Message copied directly:** Hi again! So I tried downloading it from our side and sadly, we got an error too. I also did a bit of research and asked around and it seems like the replay didn't properly record due to perhaps a network hiccup. When these things happen, even if the game is fully registered within the data base, the replay does not exist as it has insufficient data to do it. Really sorry for the inconvenience - perhaps it was a game you wanted to review or even record as a whole video, but I'm afraid there's not enough data for the replay to function well. T_T Still, a lot of information on the game can be found on the link you shared on the Statistic page. Maybe not the thing you were looking for...
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