Player Behaviour

What do ppl want from me? I play a game and try my best to win while everyone just randomly does shit. feeding, afk, trolling. I tell them to stop doing that and end up getting reported by 9 ppl. Next game i stop caring about playing save and focus on the win. The entire team + enemy team start insulting me and raging on me and reporting me. What the %%%% am I supposed to do? When other ppl troll its perfectly okay. When I play with less than 110% hardcore focus I get flamed, insulted and reported. I dont care about what they say. %%%%%%ed 12 yo that dont know shit. BUT what the %%%% does riot want from me? Why am I the asshole EVERY TIME. No matter if I am right or wrong, no matter if I say something first or at all. EVERYTIME IN EVERY GAME 9 ppl report me no matter what I do or not do. Why?
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