Infinite low priority queu

So i havnt played league in a week or so because my internet got really bad, i had to leave the last 2 matches before i quit for a week and thought id put league to the side for a bit. Now tha ive come back, i try to launch a game, and the " you have been put in a low priority queu, waiing time 5.00 (minutes)", and it starts counting down. The only option it gave me was to leave queu, so i did that and waited about 10 minutes, tried to launch again and... same message, still 5 mintes! So i wait out the five minutes with the message up, and as soon as the timer runs out, it just starts again! So i cant join a queu, as in at all. Anybody had this isue? Some tips would be greatly appreciated (and yes, i have tried to restart the game)
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