Leave Buster Suggestion..

I understand that Riot cannot know for sure if you've genuinely DC or you have quit on purpose. But when I've DC for some reason and I'm able to login into riots servers, only to be told on the load screen I have no internet connection then there is a problem. You cannot login to League of Legends without an internet connection, Id like riot games to show some leniency in those cases..... Last night I was mid game, but "attempting to reconnect" appeared. I closed everything, internet still connecting to websites. able to re login , but then be told on the loading screen I have no internet connection, which I clearly have. This happened three times and eventually when Riot finally lets me back on alas I have leave buster... I have never left a game before except under these circumstances. its something you guys need to address. If my internet is down then it is my problem but when I'm clearly using skype, browsing websites and logging into league at the same time its fair to say that my connection is not the problem in this case.
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