Player Support is a little bit poor

Hey Guys, this discussion is intended to be a critism towards the League of Legends Player Support. To explain how the critism developped i have to give a short summary of the events that had happened. I was permanently banned from the Game. The reasons were 2 games, which chats have been used to justify the ban. But if you watch closely you will recognize, that the chats which have been used are not even close to legitimize a permanent ban. I played 100 games in one week, where 2 of the game's chats were picked off. In one of them, my mother got insulted for no reason and i got flamed hard myself. I responsed that they should stop flame, concentrate on game, because we had still a little chance of winning. The flame did not stop, so i laughed about the flame and asked the enemy team to report him, that was all this game chat was about. No negativity was been coming from myself. The other game was a little bit different, much chatting, more than we even played lmao. There i got flamed by 4 people, but this time i answered them in the same kind of talking they did, without getting too negative or insult them. STILL, i was permanently banned for those 2 chats, where i was the victim. After asking the support for help, it took 6 freakin Days until a response, and it was just an usual answer, which wasnt even fitting to the topic 10/10. I suggested them to quote me, where i did insult or initiated negativity, but they did not. They just said they won't change their decision. After those events happened, especially the situation with the Support, to receive an answer 6 days after which was simply copy & pasted and not even fitting to the topic, did let me come to the conclusion the League of Legends Player Support is poor. League of Legends is such a big game but no effort is given into the Player Support. It's simply being bad. That was my opinion.
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