RIOT Games Change [ Ranked Draft system in Silver/Gold ]

Hello everyone. I am Oxigane, from EUNE, its my other prof in EUW. The thing is that I recently started playing actively Ranked solo/duo. Seasion star i was B4, but now i am s1, or s2, if riot give me that team what he drafted now. About 10 days ago to get s2, but then i play with my friend, and get back s1. And then play solo, and get promo match to g4. All its oke, Riot drafted good teamates, can laught and do other staff, but then- when i get promo, start RIOT DRAFTING SYSTEM. ** WHEN RIOT FIX DRAFTED SYSTEM AND RANKED SYSTEM ? ** I just to place photo from 5 ranked history. And then u can see, whats team riot drafted in ranked. ! RIOT GIVE RANK FROM UR PLAY NOT TEAM !!!!!!!!!!!!! RANKED SYSTEM IN SILVER/GOLD IS SHI*
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