Hello guys I really any one from riot to replay or even say that youre already know about the problem so it can be less frustrated for us, I play the game for like 2 years now and i really play it like every single day and you can check my account to be sure i think i didnt touch my ps4 for like monthes now because its all about LOL now but what with this weird problem that we have to face after every single patch and let me tell you ITS NOT AN ISP problem i have friends with the same ISP got the game working just fine and other with a whole different ISP got the same problem !! so its a server problem. We all got the same problem which is the game client is just fine but when reach the air clint it starts to rise the ping till it reach like 300 its not that its like the most lag i ever had on my life on LOL you cand even see your friends move or hit anything or even hear your voice on game so its not even playable vs AI PS: ALL OTHER GAMES WORKING JUST FINE So guys please try to help us i did send a ticket and did all what the support ask but no luck the same problem some vpn and reduce ping programs fix the problem for some time then its dont so please PLEASE help us or just let us know youre working to solve this so we can wait And here is a video for the problem i hope any rioters can see it and help us thanks
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