Thanks Riot Support!

well, in this ocean of whine about undeserved permaban, nerf this, nerf that, etc.etc. i would really like to thanks Riot Support for the help and quick response! People complain about riot support being slow, unhelpful, useless and stuff but meh, my experience with them was amazing! First ticket open one year ago was a kind request to change my summoner name (not entirely, asked if they could possibly change the name with uppercase letter from majev shadowsong to Majev Shadowsong); they answered after 3 hours or so saying that usually it would cost RP to change name, but in this case they could make an exception and change it afterwards. Second ticket, yesterday was about a stupid stuff, Dreadknight Garen in EUW is not working for months now, "the voucher you are trying to redeem is expired" so i've opened a ticket thinking it would take days to get answer due to very long queue (and not so important ticket).. Thanks Mojo Mojo for your quick answer and resolution, it took 10 hours to have it resolved :) Well done guys, you're amazing! just wanted to show them some love for their hard work and i really know how it can be (coming from an IT specialist for more than 15 years now..) {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} A wild Racoon
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