Permanently banned 2nd time

Today I was permanently banned the 2nd time on the same account. The first time was back in 2015 for 3rd party programs, which was apparently a mistake or something else, because I was unbanned days later. A few days ago (March 12th), I was banned again for the same reason. The thing is, that I haven't used any 3rd party programs since Curse Voice with the jungle timer back in 2014. Right now I am on a study trip for 2 months and I have not used the account for around 17 days which makes the ban even weirder. I wrote submitted a ticket to the support ticket which was apparently in the wrong section since he (the support staff) had to transfer me to a new section which has not replied yet. It annoys me quite much to see Riot treating me like this as I have been playing since 2012 and used more than 1000€ on the game because I think it's fun. Have any of you guys experienced something like this? and what did you do? [First Ban](http://[]( [Second Ban](http://[](
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