What Should I Do OR YOU Do When THIS Happenning to YOU?

Please type about your feelings about the following text: "peole1: yi support?? people1: wtf troll2, trol1's queuemate: new meta my friend, Pityuu2: that someone trolls doesnt mean that you should too people1 : **** you and your new meta troll2: come on don;t be like that troll1 ( yi supp) : nu are adc troll1 ( yi supp) : bp ma duc dmg troll1 ( yi supp) : :)) Pityuu2 : gg guys troll2: ow chill Pityuu2 : screen shot report troll2: and be happy troll2: really troll2: why worry so much troll2: for a game troll2: relax You did not lock in your pick or ban. Your group was removed from matchmaking." What should I do with them? We took screenshots, we got their names etc.
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