Why do so many people trashtalk riot support?

So today just as any day on forum i went to red tracker to see if any rioters posted some issues i should watch out for, like writing e b a in letters and getting censored which i found out, and i see that a lot of people post their issues like acc hacked, skin didnt come when bought, password, and in a lot of these threads people say IM SO SAD RIOT HAS SUCH bad / garbage / sh*t / unprofesional / etc insult SUPPORT TEAM.... like come on guys lol is one of the most played games in the world, these support tickets and requests come in gigantic swarms, rito guys are also just humans. For every 1000 tickets or so there is just 1 guy sitting behind a computer and has to read and resolve them all. Ritos are too just humans (apart from blitzcrank bot but he is a bit unqualified when it comes to some parts of supporting). So give them a break. Imagine you open your mailbox and there is 2000 emails in last 20minutes and now you have to resolve each issue in each email... Riot support does an amazing job when you take in mind how many problems they have to resolve every day. {{item:3091}}
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