Banned because i go

gj so obv blitz trollpick call the shen report ... ok forgot... new meta stfu thats the only think you can write or? Im not really a kid :) Report blitz please for troll and flame not you ... our ty blitzcrank nice def report this noob jungler ganked nobody and cant play his role to def and protect objectives what? i have 1 kill death* so stupid but ok lol this flash i dont need to help i get reported because you feed my lane ;D i just have fun i get reported for nothing so i give them a reason ohohoh this grap i troll and have 9/5 you dont troll and suck not really and btw please learn your skillshots to easy with this probuild <3 this dive :D Epic Nice combo assisting the enemy team he helped me to kill you oh hell no MUHAHAHA they had enough time to do one auto attack... That is the reason , i got banned for? I dont understand it? They told me to go afk and insulted me , i only said that the blitz play like a noob (noob=newbie , new player) and really need to hit his skillshots . I dont think thats fair.
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