Bans for dodging

So recently I entered a champ select and was met by poonslayer512 joined the lobby lll joined the lobby yyy joined the lobby xxx joined the lobby fff joined the lobby xxx: i will troll poonslayer512: Giants are u gunna troll :( xxx: cause last game xxx: mu team troll me xxx: yes poonslayer512: i promise i will make u fed poonslayer512: pls mate xxx: no xxx: i am not your mate poonslayer512: ive had a really bad day xxx: %%%%kk youu yyy: bro just report him at the end and hope he gets a permaban xxx: i dont care your life I have changed the other player names so not to call them out but as you can see this player was so toxic and I can't report him. I tried to calm him down and be kind but he just continued and so our only option was to dodge but now I've got a ban for a while and lost some of my lp because it was a ranked game. Any advice on what to do in this situation?
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