''Attempting to reconnect''

Hello, since yesterday i had time to play League of Legends again. but im having a issue. everytime randomly ingame i disconnect and my whole internet goes away. i have to use the ''internet troubleshooter'' to gain acces again. but the thing is, this is the only game its happenning with. ( i allowed LoL both in private and public connections through firewall ) even did the lagreport and it shows me this. im not saying LoL is badly coded but its the only game its happening too. ive tried literaly everything right now and dont see a fix at all. Ethernet 97 Latency 12 ms Packet Loss 0.06% Jitter 0 ms LAPTOP SPECS ACER ASPIRE V3-571G WINDOWS 10 64 BIT 8GB RAM Proccesor : I5-3210M CPU @ 2.50 GHZ ( 4 CPU's ) graphics card : Nvidia Geforce GT 630 M Any type of support is greatly appriciated.
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