I need help with choking

I break under stress easily, and this is true for League, as well. I have trouble even playing normals because of randoms on my team. I'm always afraid of a toxic player being on my team, and when I talk myself up to doing one, I either choke hard, or someone else on my team is toxic. Now i only play arams, and i really wanna play ranked and climb the ladders but this issue is stopping me, and im afraid that im gonna get banned from false reports of players, since every game i do my best and not feed. There was a guy in my game who told the enemy team to report me for inting. I was playing corki and i went 5/4 and he was playing morde and went 2/8 and he was calling me an inter, and im afraid that the enemy team believed him and reported me for no reason. That morde btw is gold, and i was surprised how the heck hes gold with that attitude. Thanks in advance
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