OK so basically i had bought a new champ (Taliyah) and guess what? I was playing the whole day and all day i was feeling that something is not right her. First let me begin with that she is tottaly undone champion, her attack speed doesnt increesing, her R ulr not taking any damage, shes mmoving slow even near the wall, i amfraid i cant have the refund for this champion, RIOT you need to tottaly fix this champ since it is really broken champ. ALL my game that i was paying wiht Thaliyah form 100% i lost like 79% and gues what the biggest death issue was cost by her undone things, she really need to keep up with attack speed and also with R ult, to start taking damage..... I hope you will fix it soon. {{champion:91}} {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
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