Shits happen... riot won't fix

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Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet.
I q with a premade on discord in solo/duo ranked. We are in the same country. In the middle of the match, on top of us show the sweet "attepting to reconnect" while we could hear one on other on discord so Internet wasn't the problem. We tryed to reconnect, but how the image show, it constantly show "fail to connect". I tryed hextech tool and the solve on many forums, but this still happen, I guess i should wait to the rest of my team to lose (bcs 3v5) ;c Edit: , I'm waiting for the game to end", but it did not work, only arguing "reconnect" that results in "fail to connect". I checked from my opponents my history, enemies and allies, and this match does not appear after 1-2 hours their last match, including mine because of the one before this match, please do not care but I want a solution, I reinstalled the League, but the problem persists only on my account, I tried to get out of my brother's account and it worked.

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