Lag issues ( Please anyone , a red , please help :(

Ok , i have been having lag spikes for over a year now , i have tired literally dozens of changes. I called my isp and they said, my net had an issue which was resolved by a engineer but the problem persists. I was wondering if a red could help me out , its pretty depressing to not be able to play in the summer due to this. Only way it has stayed at a solid 19-20 , rather an 20-500 is with a wired connection. However , this is no longer possible. I have followed riot's guide on lag issues , took off ipv6 , cc cleaner , the lot. Please , can someone help me. I doubt i will ever play again if this persists for longer. ( Test for Packet loss , not sure what the results mean) Ranping test: Speed test showed 17.73mbps download / 5 mpbs for upload.
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