I'm in a ranked game and lag around even when my connection is alright

So yea, I started a ranked game and as soon as i was in the game i couldnt even really move and my ping is jumping from 150 to 300 and back. but my internet connection is alright and when I ping the EUwest server it shows me an average ping of 70. and when I try to send my team a message in chat it doesnt arrive until 5 minutes later D: I NEED HELP! *edit* now nothing moves anymore and the minions just stand there and attack our nexus turrets which dont lose any hp...i guess the game is over... this really sucks *even more edit* after forcing the client closed with the task manager I got into the after game lobby only to see evrybody was long gone and my whole team recommended to the enemys to please report me for being afk... where is the compassion in this community? did these guys never have a dc like that before? I never report someone when they are in base all game long and telling me how sorry they are about having these issues(which is what I did - or tried to do, seeing as I don't even know if they could read the chat I sent) This is definitely not the first time this happened and I never see you guys from riot address these game-crashing-for-no-reason-and-then-infinite-attemting-to-reconnect-ISSUES. I like this game a lot but events like these just take the fun out of it and make me even more afraid of playing ranked games than I already am. D:
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