Lagging when I stream League of Legends with OBS

Hello all, I face lagg when I stream league with OBS. The only way you can stream in league with obs is mode "windowed or borderless" my fps in game is normal : 60 when I stream : 60 my ping when I play normal is : 15 when I stream : 15 My CPU shows 20% usage in performances (i5 4670) my RAM is fine too (I have 8GB) My GPU shows 10% usage (Nvdia geforce gtx 660) and I have a samsung ssd evo 850 (my pc is good) I have tried a lot options in OBS,(bitrate and stuff) I have tried to stream with all settings very low(Still no difference) Download speed mostly : 90MB Upload speed : 5MB Its screenlagg , not network as far I know out of my experience but my PC is good, There is somewhere a problem and I dont have the skill to find it. Help me please ! this is my 2nd thread, No1 replies... I really need help
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