Client is slow as heck, it's actually so unresponsive, that I'm doubting I'm even getting 3 fps, whi

Seriously, though. It takes me 10 seconds to load the shop and sometimes the client hangs for 20+ seconds after a log in and I have an i7-7700HQ and an Nvidia GTX 1050 and a 1TB Samsung 960 EVO SSD. Turning on low spec mode, feels like it's not even doing anything and perhaps slowing it down even more. How did u manage to do that Riot? I understand that you guys are using some strange combination of Javascript and HTML5 with a C++ code base beneath it. Now, I'm not sure whether it is the HTML 5 and the Javascript code that is slow, but that's up to you to do a performance profile and figure out where dips in performance come from. Maybe the performance bottleneck is the C++ code, in which case you are doing something really, really wrong as C++ is one of the most efficient languages out there, if not the most efficient one. If it's the JavaScript + HTML5 combination that is the bottleneck, then maybe you guys have to rethink your approach and use something else...

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