My account got perma banned for literally no reason

so i was playing a league game having fun actually trying to help my teammates and then when we started losing i talked shit a little well after they said some shit too but thats not a reason for that and if i talked bad riot should just chat restrict me okay? so i talked shit a little but i really tried to play and help my team that btw refused to ff and made me waste my time so there were 2 pre bot they feed and by the end of the game out of nowhere the mid joins their side and reps me aswell so thats 3 reports on me for actually nothing and i swear i was just joking and i actually pinged sometimes for objectives that my team should do and i helped as much as i could so anyways then they ask the ebemy team to rep me and guess what they actually agree and there i am getting perma banned i mean as i said if what i said was actually bad they should chat restrict me or send me a warning but no directly perma banned well yeah i might talked alot but was it really necessairy to perma ban me? so my acc wiill never come back after all these few years i played as a supportive teammate and a helpful bud for everyone and there for no reason i get banned this thing might not make sense when u read it casue im really mad and cant actually pick better words i was going to ask for solutions but there wont be any and my acc is gone forever
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