Randomly permabanned ?

Hi, all ! I just logged on my account after 1 month offline, I played a ranked game. Of course , 3 guys in my team were toxic, they insulted me, harassed during the whole game and champion select because of a disagree about bans. (I said "Ban yi instead of morde" and they called me "bronze troll, etc." .Then I keep calm, i never insulted, I ignored them and asked to report one of them (1 single time) because he was even more annoying than others during the game. I keep communicate with the team because this is ranked and i need to win, no matter if my teammates are digusting or not. Of course, i was not 100% positive, i was a bit angry but I never flamed or insulted / taunted anyone. I was just a bit unfriendly 2 or 3 time. I said "bronzes" and "haha this attitude in low elo" And then, got permabanned ? What??? By the way, i never had chat or ranked restrict on this account, i never afked and I even bought some skins. I think it is a bug because of the new ban system. If it is not, 90% of LoL players will be banned soon, so better disable the ingame chat if using it is so dangerous. See by yourself, I think I don't even deserve a chat restrict here. " xD bronzes varus is not viable anhyway, like yasuo so whatever yes gj yes elise do nothing in teamfight in fight ... rofl report this braum na i just use brain ofc he is my main top this is smurf acc i'm not a troll silver i'm 300 world yorick 300 th haha this attitude in low elo wich ghost? english pls which ghost for what? ah EQW sometime W second but not often qss then more still not a reason for 4V1 yea and steal kills as elise is a bit stupid still not useful in fight :p dont let back killing spree gp xD best focus " I think only the 3 flamers reported me, and i got banned 5 min after this. So nobody from riot checked these chat log, I don't understand how a level 30 account can be permabanned like that, no human check this? I was 3/7/7 as top laner, and we won the game, so it was not "trolling" or "intentional feeding" too -nobody asked to report me in chat -in both teams- anyway. I spent some hours to contact the support, but i'm not sure it will change something. - if they reply What should I do now ? Thanks for help, Alteryah0 And sorry if I did some mistakes in my sentences, english is not my main language.

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