Can't open League anymore...

Since the client bugfixes of patch 7.3, I decided to start using the new client. However, I am unable to get it or even open up League at all now. I get put with the standard "Launch" page that we've had for years with two possible ways of proceeding: - Press Launch to open old client and be faced with a league client error "League of legends has encountered a problem. Please re-install League alpha client to try again." Or - Attempt to upgrade to the new client only to be shown that "Practise tool is now available only on the updated client", where the only two options for me to click are the exit button in the top corner or a broken hyperlink "Click here to find out more" which does absolutely nothing. So I currently can't open either of the League clients and can't play. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling a few times but just end up in the same situation. Hoping it's just temporary as the new patch just came out, but it's pretty frustrating as I need to play to distract myself from the fact that I need to sleep.
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