Mastery Token Upgrades

Hello! I would like to share my opinion on the mastery tokens 6 and 7. I can upgrade around 4-5 champions to mastery 6 and 3 to mastery 7. The thing is... It's too expensive. I have only 9369 BE and for mastery token 6 I have to use 3250 BE and for mastery 7 token I have to use 3900 BE... Can you please make it back like it used to be? 500 BE for mastery 6 and 600 BE for mastery 7? I mean the chances for me (and anyone else) to get champion shard on the champion they want mastery 6 or 7 is pretty low... And some cannot afford 3250 BE or 3900 BE... I also don't have all champions and I have in mind to buy them, but I can't due to lack of BE. And this mastery token upgrade will make it worse... Can you please talk to your teammates about this? Thank you! {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
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