Cooldown because launcher repair

Hello Basicly i was playing with my friend and in mid game my game crashed i was like okey i can reconnect but when i was trying to reconnect my game showed me somekinda system error and after that launcher started repairing him self. Soo i waited 15min+ when my launcher finish to resurme my game and yeah 15min+ it finished i went back to my game and bringed that win for our team after that if we finished my came showed me i got cooldown 20min 5 match because i was afk because my launcher was repairing him self and now im upset because it wasnt my problem that my launcher started repairing. is it psooible to get my cooldown off or i must wait like 100min to get normal mach making time because i dont deserve this cooldown PLZZZZZZ SOME FIXES OR RESPOND !
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