League Of Legends Anonymous- Read to feel better about yourself

I am obsessed with this game. Every waking hour ,and I'm ashamed to admit, every hour I am asleep, I am in some form, league of legend-ing. I started playing a year and something ago, and have already completed over 5000 games. League has made me overweight, stopped me having fun with friends, has stopped all form of contact with them. I am effectively a mental recluse. I have spent around £1000 on this game, to the horror of my parents. Believe it or not, 6 months ago all of my grades were an A-A*, but I have found myself pre-occupied in lessons, and a huge portion of my grades have slipped considerably, some even reading D-E. I feel disconnected with my parents as I incessantly pummel this game with their funds. I was never a selfish kid, but this game has coerced me entirely, I crave to be the best in the world, and although I know I can never succeed, it seems I can never stop. Now in the summer holidays, I have around 2-3 hours of sleep per day, straight back onto LoL in the morning, after a healthy load of Trick2g's and WingsOfDeath's streams. I have recently self-diagnosed myself with depression after several tests have been completed. I am on the very edge of killing myself. I am 14 years of age, and my story has come to an end far too soon
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