Extreme lag, disconnect, can't reconnect because game has completely vanished from server?

I was just playing a Ranked Flex match on my other account. After 2-3 minutes into the game, all players on both teams started experiencing lag spikes. After a short while, the "Attempting to Reconnect" window popped up for me, i alt-tabbed to my web browser and checked if it was my own internet going bad and quickly concluded that wasn't the case. The ingame Latency/MS meter stayed at a solid 17 ms for me, which is the norm for my internet connection Then i alt-tab back to the game, click "Exit Game" so i can start manually reconnecting to the game to keep playing. But the client directly went to the home page instead of giving me the usual "Reconnect to Game" window. So please tell us, Riot, is it that time of year for EUW again? :o
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