Critical error

So I wanna know why this games client and actual game keeps on having major issues, lagging, slow, critical errors ocurring mid game. Do you not playtest your builds at riot? Its honestly insulting how you as a million dollar company expect US the players, your customers, to do your work for you with reporting things. I dont think ive played for more than two days without a crash. I am playing on a windows 10 gtx 970 i5 6600K razer software, discord and google chrome running, thats pretty much it. Why do i and most of my friends have to experience crashes? What are you spending your money on? Ive never played a single game ever that is as unstable as league of legends. Youve had so many years to look at the core as to why this keeps happening, but you havent. Id LOVE to see a patch update mentioning BUGFIXES, but youd rather just nerf or buff champions, and make sure the store works, nothing else. Id love to come at you with a respectful tone but its hard when your priorities SHOULD be on the game WORKING, but they lie elsewhere, like skins. Do the community a solid, as a thank you throughout the years, and fix your game. Thanks :)
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