Problem with Loot. Key drop chance is way too low for me.

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So... I haven't been playing a lot on this account but I remember that for some reason it was very easy for me to gather so many hextech chests. Unfortunatelly, I also remember how freaking hard it was to find a key fragment. This resulted to me having so many chests, yet they cannot be opened, thus they are useless. I just want to ask. Is there a problem with my account? Is there something I don't understand? I did not buy these chests, I got "lucky". But how did I become so unlucky with the key fragments? What am I supposed to do with all those chests if I can't open them? You might say "be patient". But how am I supposed to be patient when there are NO key fragments to find? Can you somehow, Riot, balance this?? I know that you cant provide keys and chests that easily cause you need people to buy them and the skins cause of impatience...but this is strictly freaking wrong!! 11 chests and NO KEYS, GUYS THIS IS RIDICULOUS. Please even this out, it is so frustrating!!! Honestly if you are not gonna give me keys, then at least do me the favor to not give me more chests....this is ABSURD. Thank you for your time, I await for your answer.
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