Ranked: How do I get better?

Looking only for genuine responses to this question. I am currently Silver V. I have played about 104 games, and am doing reasonably well. I checked my KDA for my ranked games, which is currently 2.25. I have mostly played support games, but have done well in other roles. 40 wins out of 104 games. I know that with quite a number of my games, I do die quite a bit. My assists are normally high in each game. I have recently redone runes and masteries to include a number of champions for each role and am working hard to get a lot of games on them. What is the best way to approach each ranked game, and about working with players who can often be difficult to play with on the same team? Hopefully this can be a page that other ranked players can use too in order to find ways of ranking up :) {{champion:223}}

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