[Question] Season honor reward

Hello, I read about the season Honor rewards and I'm not 100% certain if I understood correctly, from what I've read you receive an Honor ward depending on your Honor level, each one with a different color. But from what I've read we don't receive all 3 wards if we are honor level 5 but only the level 5 ward, is this correct? I'm asking because I myself prefer the honor level 4 ward over the level 5 ward (I love blue), I even prefer the level 3 ward over the level 5 ward. Therefore If I'm correct and we don't receive all 3 wards, could this be changed into something like having a choice in the crafting system where you can pick one of the 3 or maybe receive all 3 wards. Since I'm sure certain people would prefer a different ward and don't want to drop honor level just to get it.
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