Problems while playing league of legends

Hi, So for 2 months im struggling while playing league of legends. My problem, when I spawn I play league of legends with around 300 fps after minions spawn it is around 180-200 fps but after 1 or 2 minutes my fps drops to 100 - 120. This seems like much but it really feels like playing with 30 fps it is just not smooth like it skips a lot of frames. I tried changing my video settings from super high to high to medium to low etc but nothing works and the fps is still the same at every setting. At first i thought it was my pc which was causing the problem so I reinstalled my pc 2 times (first time still the same problem). That didn't work, secondly I tried installing league of legends from my HDD to SSD but with no success. So I tried playing other games but on other games I play games smooth, COD IW/Ark/Paladins/Bf1 etc I all play them on 60+ fps. So it really frustrates me that I can't play league like I did a year ago. Last week I bought a new laptop to see if I still got the same problem on my laptop as my pc, and yes it is. On my laptop i get like 100 - 110 fps and it drops to 70-80 fps late game which makes it really hard to play. **Turning on v-sync doesn't work it only makes it worse!!!** I really don't know what to do next so this is my final solution... My pc specs: i5 4460, gtx 970, 24gb ram, 1tb hdd, 128gb ssd --- i play on a 60hz screen My laptop specs: i7 7700hq, gtx 1050, 16gb ram, 1tb hdd, 256gb ssd --- 60hz screen brand:MSI Hope anyone can help me! Greetings, itzdoomalex
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