[PBE] How Riot really decide how people are getting on PBE?

My friend got a PBE acoount about a year ago and he said that he was just posting a thread on Boards once pre Month and after a year he got a PBE account.Does Riot really look in for players that are ``active`` on Forums or something elese.My friend wasn`t so ``sportsman like`` he flamed when someone is feeding,sometimes being good,etc.So if I am active on Forums and play Sportsman like,how fast can I get a PBE account because I really want to test,help please?! {{champion:105}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:105}}
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