Instant 14 days

Hello guys, I got 14 days ban without any chat restrict because I was a "little bit toxic" cause my jg was not ganking and at the same time he was flaming... I did a ticket but now I m waiting for a response from you if I deserved this or not, so I don't know if this a mistake or not... Game 1 RoByTzU757: shut your mouth RoByTzU757: u will kiss my foot RoByTzU757: in late RoByTzU757: btw RoByTzU757: sad counter pick boy RoByTzU757: kha is a complet joke RoByTzU757: sda.. RoByTzU757: well u can f yourself RoByTzU757: free mid RoByTzU757: wont play vs a stupid counter on lane RoByTzU757: and with a jg with no ganks :) RoByTzU757: free mid, u can stick your counter picking in elo RoByTzU757: cause u counter pick like a bronze ape RoByTzU757: :) RoByTzU757: and u have no skill in that ape champ RoByTzU757: u win it cause kata is f weak against talon RoByTzU757: u ape RoByTzU757: then u are bronze RoByTzU757: and u deserve to stya in your current elo RoByTzU757: :) RoByTzU757: nope RoByTzU757: ha? RoByTzU757: u are simply sad RoByTzU757: arrent you? RoByTzU757: u dive and u still blame me? RoByTzU757: xddd RoByTzU757: sad man RoByTzU757: ofc RoByTzU757: talk your polsky language RoByTzU757: or whatever this language is RoByTzU757: well, play a non counter pick champ RoByTzU757: and u will make u cry mate :) RoByTzU757: and i can f bet for whatever price u want RoByTzU757: u hardstuck boy :) RoByTzU757: well, i dont care RoByTzU757: seen RoByTzU757: u shouldnt talk about me mate RoByTzU757: u have score cause u dont help RoByTzU757: anyway RoByTzU757: i really dont care about your match RoByTzU757: cause u re just a trash talker RoByTzU757: ;) RoByTzU757: the game can be won anyway RoByTzU757: even with you RoByTzU757: and u re just a flamer RoByTzU757: so u re reported and muted :) RoByTzU757: enjoy RoByTzU757: btw, we have stronger team comp if u care RoByTzU757: all u have to do is to focus good RoByTzU757: and its easy win RoByTzU757: u had to use flash RoByTzU757: and it was easy kill RoByTzU757: nvm RoByTzU757: at least somebody took it RoByTzU757: all i have to do is report kha RoByTzU757: for being a flamer RoByTzU757: and a bad jg RoByTzU757: bg RoByTzU757: jg has big impact RoByTzU757: specially when u have bad team mates RoByTzU757: like this kha
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