Short delays on everything i do - Frames and ping not the issue?

Good Afternoon, Recently (in the last week) i have noticed that whenever i do anything such as move or attack a minion/champ the damage is very very slightly delayed from what it used to be - same goes with moving, the champion doesnt feel as responsive as it did last week and it really makes a difference. Ive also noticed that sometimes my items (usually gunblade) doesn't work (although that might just be me). My frames are consistent usually and can hold 144+ and the ping is generally 35 with no fluctuations. I have tried a clean reset of windows and it doesnt feel like its got any better. Has anyone experienced this problem before? Any help that you can provide me would be greatly appreciated. EDIT** Seems to happen ive noticed when there are more things on the screen - So very noticable in team fights.
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