Banned again for NO reason. Fix your system riot? (Read)

Yet again I got banned 35 ranked games and 75 chat restrict. I honestly don't know why. If there is any evidence of me deserving this please do share it with the public because I'm tired of this shit to grind 35 draft normal wins. PLAYERS can ABUSE the system by troll reporting OR premades reporting (although it count as 1, they can focus on reporting x players which they wouldn't report normally when not duoing) in solo que just because they feel like it, with NO REASON what so ever. The system is not working, since I know for a fact that I'm sportsman and don't flame. If questioning is consider flaming then this is far from a decent e-sport game and decent folks will leave the community. I've played since S2 and started to get this shit throwed at me in S5 only. Your system is broken and I consider quit playing this game because of this. A lot of you will think, fine well quit then, u are only 1 player. Perhaps I'm the only one thinking this way or there are thousands out there thinking this way. My point is, it is better to have a working system then a broken one. Either fix how you handle reports and give bans or just ignore it and eventually lose a lot of players. I just think you are doing a really bad job on this front at the moment Riot and I wanted to share it with the public. This was handled way better in past seasons.
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